Spit Braai Catering heritage

The Spit Braai Catering heritage started a long time ago. When my grandfather first came to South Africa he was an accomplished Dutch polony maker. After arriving here he went to work for a polony making company, several years later he started his first butchery in the 1950's where upon he catered his first spit braai function and continued to do so for many years along side his butchery businesses. Then came my father who too started his own butchery business in the 1970' and also ran spit braai catering functions alongside his butchery businesses. In 1996 I too went to work for my father in the butchery business (Sloane Meat Market). So as luck would have I'm the 3rd generation Spit Braai Master.

When you book your function with us you have the reassurance that we know what we are doing. In the past 16 of years running Spit Braai Catering we have never let a customer down once the function has been booked into the bookings book.

We have three industrial catering kitchens on our premises one for hot foods like the hot veg on our menu, one for salads,and the last one for desserts. These three kitchens together employ twelve full time staff, all of whom work tirelessly behind the scenes to make your function a success.

sliced meat

In addition to our full time kitchen staff we have several delivery drivers and thirteen Spit Braai Masters with extra trainee helpers for larger functions, all of whom have been trained in house by ourselves, to provide you the customer with the best possible spit braai experience.

Since 1996 we have done well over 6000 Spit Braai / Braai functions, and served at least 210,000 guests at the various functions over the years. Our smallest function has been for 10 guests and our largest function was for 2000 guests (meat only). We are often used by event co-ordinators, caterers and canteens who sub cater our services to their customers. (If they think we're the best shouldn't you!)